30 January 2018

Glittering Prize

Congratulations to our very own Susan Matthews who was the first woman to complete The Peddars Way Ultra Marathon 2018 last Saturday from Knettishall Heath in Suffolk. The marathon is 48 miles long, yes, that’s 48 miles!!! From the Suffolk border all the way to Holme next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk Coast.

Peddars Way is said to have a certain character to it, showcases the very best landscapes Norfolk has to offer. This particular Norfolk trail is completely steeped in history and ancient legend – even if you’re not planning to run it, you should definitely pay it a visit, whether that’s via leisurely stroll or bike ride.

What an epic race with Susan setting a new record for ‘first lady’ in a time of 6:59:46. Well done Susan, you’re an inspiration to us all! Albeit one we probably can’t catch up with!