8 January 2019

Break-up without breaking down

By Rob Colwell, Director, and Head of Family Services, Hayes + Storr.

Getting a divorce can have a major impact on your mental health, and an acrimonious or one-sided break-up can result in serious consequences. Some will seek retribution, others won’t accept it, and some will find it difficult to imagine a future without their spouse.

Being mindful of a client’s mental well-being whilst ensuring we achieve the best possible results can be a careful balancing act. Our aim is to deliver an outcome that causes the least amount of distress in what is an already traumatic situation.

The end of a relationship can be devastating, and no matter who ended it or when, life can feel very frightening. But life does continue, and from our own experience, many of our own clients go on to live happy, fulfilled lives after divorce. That’s why we try to keep our clients focused on the future, encouraging them to avoid negative emotions and think practically about the potential positive outcomes.

The lawyers in the Family Services department at Hayes + Storr are members of Resolution, a national organisation of family lawyers committed to non-confrontational divorce, separation and other family problems. Our team is guided by Resolution’s conciliatory and person-centered approach, including:

• Helping clients focus on what’s important in the long-term

• Balancing financial and emotional costs with what the client wants to achieve

• Working with others to find the right approach and the best solutions

• Managing stress in what can sometimes be a very stressful situation

Not only does this practical approach facilitate our clients’ ability to cope, but it also ensures costs are kept as low as possible, avoiding entrenched arguments that have no resolve.

Our goal is to help clients adapt to their new situation and look for alternative solutions to court proceedings, avoiding unnecessary stress, costs, and delays.

If you’re concerned about yourself or anyone else going through a divorce or a separation, we recommend visiting the Relate website for lots of helpful resources and don’t forget you can call the Samaritans free of charge at any time on 116 123. They offer 24/7 support every single day of the year and you don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch.

You can also refer yourself directly to an NHS talking therapies service. A break-up can be hard to manage, so speaking with health professionals to develop coping strategies can be very helpful.

This article aims to supply general information, but it is not intended to constitute advice. Every effort is made to ensure that the law referred to is correct at the date of publication and to avoid any statement which may mislead. However, no duty of care is assumed to any person and no liability is accepted for any omission or inaccuracy. Always seek our specific advice.

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