10 June 2019

The Naked Farmer Cricket Day

Hayes + Storr are delighted to be supporting The Naked Farmer Cricket Day at Brisley Cricket Club on the 22nd June, to help raise funds and awareness of YANA; the ‘You Are Not Alone’ Charity who offer confidential advice and counselling for those who work in farming. The event is being organised by local farmer, Patrick Joice, after he was diagnosed with cancer. The terminal nature of the disease left him consumed with worries and he became deeply depressed. “The world came crashing down around our ears in an instant” he said. “A close friend who realised what we were going through rang YANA, who subsequently called my Wife and then myself. We are now confidentially seeing individual YANA councillors which is really helping”.

“Now seeing how widespread the problem is in Agriculture and just how many put a mask on everyday, I want to help raise awareness not only of Mental Health but also the great work that YANA does and in the process raise money to help them undertake their amazing work”.

Patrick chose to reveal his story via The Naked Farmer, an Australian Facebook page which encourages farmers to post nude pictures of themselves and discuss their problems, on the basis that it takes more guts to get naked than talk about how you are feeling.

The Naked Farmer Cricket Day will be held on 22nd June from 2pm onwards at Brisley Cricket Ground NR20 5LJ. The day is geared as a family fun day and there will be activities to keep all ages amused.

You can find out more on the fundraising page here, or by contacting patrick@uphouse.co.uk.