Debt Recovery for Individuals

Our specialist solicitors provide a debt recovery service that is simple, effective and fast.  Hayes + Storr specialise in working to help businesses and commercial organisations receive payment fast. If you have commercial invoices that are not being paid on time (or being paid at all) then we can help. 

Our client base varies from large companies to individuals and enterprises throughout the UK. Our services are designed for any commercial concern who regularly issue large numbers of invoices which need to be paid in a timely, cost effective manner.  We appreciate how a failure to receive payment of your invoices can have a serious impact on your business. 

The majority of cases are settled before matters progress to the court system but, if necessary, we have an experienced litigation team who can pursue the matter to the courts and recover payment of your invoices for you. 

Hayes + Storr solicitors offer a portfolio of credit control services for clients providing high value and bulk instructions, each designed to get your overdue payments paid quickly and efficiently. 

From “letters before action” to obtaining enforcement of County Court Judgments, Hayes + Storr solicitors have the professional services at your disposal to ensure your invoices are settled quickly and efficiently.

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