Civil Partnerships and Same-Sex Marriage

A same sex couple can enter into a Civil Partnership since December 2005 and marry since March 2014. From December 2014 it has been possible to convert a civil partnership to marriage if desired.

If you are in a civil partnership, or you are thinking about formalising your relationship, we can help you with a range of legal matters from pre-partnership agreements to separation.

If you are considering dissolving a civil partnership or a divorce the timescales and process are very similar. The breakdown of a relationship can be very stressful and emotional. We will keep you up to date with the procedure and make sure you are aware of what to expect going forward. We can offer pockets of advice or assist with the whole process depending on your request.

Being members of Resolution and following the Code of Practice we promote a constructive and non-confrontational approach. This amicable line can help keep costs to a minimum and avoid any unnecessary tension. At such a difficult and sensitive time it is vital for you to have the right legal team working with you.

If you decide not to proceed with a divorce or want to delay the issue of the petition we can help you protect your position with a written Separation Agreement which sets out how you wish to deal with the financial side of the separation. Although such an Agreement is not automatically binding on a subsequent divorce it can often be accepted by a Court if entered into in the correct way which our Family Team will advise on.

It is important to get your advice early and before making any final decisions. We offer a reduced rate fixed fee appointment for all new clients. Please request the family department on 01328 863231 in the first instance for all new family enquires. A basic divorce/dissolution would normally start around £500 + VAT and court fees. A more precise figure can be provided at the first appointment based on your circumstances.

Civil Partnerships and Same-Sex Marriage Team


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