Financial Settlements

When there is a divorce the Court has wide powers to deal with financial arrangements between couples. The family home, business, pensions, savings and maintenance can all be provided for and decisions made by the Court. At Hayes + Storr we try to help clients avoid the need for the Court to make a decision by being proactive in negotiations and seeking an agreed settlement. This keeps our clients more in control of the process and the legal fees involved.

Before reaching any settlement it is important that all financial information is obtained and collated. This disclosure process is essential to ensure there is complete openness and honesty to base a settlement on. There can sometimes be difficulties in receiving this full disclosure when we will advise you on how to obtain all of the necessary financial information and any further investigations that might be needed. We take nothing for granted and will work with you to achieve the settlement you are entitled to whether that is in a straightforward or more complex situation.

It is sometimes necessary to involve mediation services if the above disclosure is not forthcoming or the parties are unable to agree the way forward. We can help make this referral and help in the background to ensure the agreement reached is fair and all avenues have been considered.

As a last resort the Court will make a decision on all issues or disputes after taking into account relevant factors and the background. Predicting and advising on the likely outcome is vital. The experience of our Family Team allows us to do this in a pragmatic and constructive way.

If matters can be agreed then the process will normally run parallel with that of the divorce. It is almost always vital to obtain a Consent Order detailing the agreement reached which then allows you to move on with your life.

It is important to get your advice early and before making any final decisions. We offer a reduced rate fixed fee appointment for all new clients. Please request the family department on 01328 863231 in the first instance for all new family enquires.

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