Building and Construction Disputes for Business

Making extensive changes to your home or business or investing in the construction of another property is a big commitment. Most people require the help of building firms or individual professionals to perform work such as planning, plumbing, wiring and a host of other skills.

Paying for these services creates a contract, even if nothing else is in writing. Disputes can arise in a variety of circumstances. For example, the work might not be of the quality that the property owner believes he has paid for, or the work has taken longer than he believes it should have done.

First steps should always be an attempt to resolve the dispute amicably by discussing the problem with the person or firm in question. This can often result in a solution that is agreeable to both sides. However, if you find that you cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion our experienced team of solicitors specialising in construction and building disputes can assist. This might be through a dispute resolution technique such as negotiation or mediation or through a claim for breach of contract.

Although we understand these amicable relations between construction service providers and their clients, we are also prepared to take a strong stance when required.

Depending on the type of contract you have entered into with your builder or architect, you may need to pursue your claim by way of arbitration, adjudication, expert determination or through Court. Either way, we can assist you with all of these matters.

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